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To have your property look its best, trust Seaton's Powerwashing to get the job done right! We take a great deal of pride in the quality of our work and understand what complete customer satisfaction means.

Power Wash

Powerwashing is a process of using professional equipment and chemicals to achieve the best results for the customer in cleaning of concrete; leaving the surface clean and free of as many stains that can be removed.

Soft Wash

Soft washing is the process of using very low pressure and high volume of the correct ratio of water and other chemicals to achieve the best results. Soft washing is very safe for your residence and or business and will not cause damage due to water pressure.

Gutter Cleaning & Restoration

Gutters can be cleaned as the rest of the house and roof; this will clean the gutters of dirt and any growth of mildew and algea. The problen with gutters is that they are metal. The paint on the metal will oxidize over time and will need to be treated to be removed. If the paint on the gutters is in a good condition the oxidation can most likely be removed and the look restored to the gutter system.

Concrete Cleaning

Your concrete is a big investment on your property whether it is residential or commercial. We can clean your concrete and rid the surface of several years of buildup of dirt, mold and mildew. The stains on your concrete can be treated and removed be it oil, fertilizer or rust. Let us bring your concrete back to a show piece of your property.

Residential & Commercial

We offer all of our services to residential or commercial customers. From soft washing, roof washing, gutter restoration, metal roof restoration, asphalt sealing or concrete cleaning; let us make your property shine clean.

Water Based Asphalt Sealing

A biofriendly water based sealer for asphalt that will penetrated the surface and seal the asphalt from the environmental exposures.

Wood Restoration

We also offer wood restoration services. This is for wood decks, porches, railings, or the sides of your house that are covered in wood. We can prepare your wood for staining or provide that service to you as well.

About Us

Seaton’s Powerwash is a small family owned business that offers services to residential and commercial customers for all types of surface cleaning and restoration. Do you believe your metal roof needs to be repainted or replaced due to discoloration or fading of the color; you may be in luck, we can restore most painted roof metal to close to the original color. Do you have a wood deck, fence or siding that looks molded, mildewed or grey; these projects can more than likely be restored and prepared for staining and or sealing. Contact us for a free quote and see what services we offer that could help the perceived value of your property.

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Excellent Service

We will deliver results on your project that we state that we can deliver. We will set expectations and meet or exceed those expectations.


We will deliver. We will show up when we say we will and will stay or return until the job is finished. We will not leave your property unfinished.


We will hold ourselves to a very high standard as should you. We will strive to not only meet your expectations but surpass them.

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When we offer our scope of work in your quote, we will guarantee to meet that expectation.

Contact us for all of your outdoor needs for both residential and commercial properties.

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